Why today business is authorized only in Ukraine

Usurpation of power

Firstly, the political situation in countries of the former Soviet Union such as the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, as well as India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and other countries, is constantly complicated by the gradual usurpation of power by the ruling elite, human rights are no longer respected, businesses are trying to tax and corrupt payments, the risks of seizing a business by dodging raider groups are increasing.

Unstable world

All this against the background of aggravation of relations with Western countries leads to the creation of conditions for the artificial isolation of these states, citizens of these states, including people with free will and independent entrepreneurs.

Society is deliberately divided into very rich and very poor, uprooting the middle class of businessmen.

There is a great preparation of the territory for certain goals that are associated with global changes.

In such a situation, every thinking person thinks about how they can protect themselves, their family and their business.

The way out suggests itself – immigration.

Of course, many people think about immigration to developed countries, such as the USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France, Canada. It is right.

However, you should approach the critical one with this issue and weigh all your possibilities. It is important to start the process of immigration gradually, without going to extremes.

If you are thinking of starting a business in the EU, North America or Australia, then get ready:

to pay salaries to your co-workers from 200 to 10,000 US dollars per month

taxes on these salaries up to 85 percent,

income tax up to 35 percent,

insurance for each car and medicine in the amount of 2000 per one,

rental property,

fines for non-compliance with standards and violation of labor laws.

Developing countries

All the wealthy people of the EU and America are investing in developing countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, India, Thailand and others. They do not bury their money in low-margin investments. Therefore, they are rich.

Business for foreigners

If you are a foreigner, then it is much easier for you to do international business in a developing country than a local person, because you have resources that you can bring from outside and use them in a more profitable and highly profitable market.

Why Ukraine

  1. Ukraine is located in a very advantageous place, between the European Union and Asia, which makes it possible to deliver components to Ukraine, assemble a product, make a brand and sell it to the EU and America.
  2. Wages and salary taxes are several times lower than in the EU, which makes it possible to save and earn money.
    The EU, the USA and Canada have opened markets for products from Ukraine, but it is necessary to observe a high level of product quality, but you can also sell your goods for euros and dollars at very good prices, without paying duties.
  3. In Ukraine, there are many people who can work and they are qualified employees with excellent education, acquired in Ukarin and experience in Poland, Germany and other EU countries.
  4. In Ukraine, real estate is still cheap and you can buy it and place your business there. Soon it will go up in price, it can also be earned on the floor.
  5. The profitability of renting real estate in Ukraine is two or even three times greater than in the EU countries, reaching 12-15% per annum of the asset value. There are no such conditions anywhere in the world.
  6. The best IT specialists work in Ukraine, which provides a competitive advantage over other competitors in the World.
  7. Ukraine is an agricultural country and there are many products that can be sold. The world’s food market is facing a crisis and Ukraine may take a leading position in the production of food products that are needed in Asian countries (India, Pakistan, China and others, where there are many people),
  8. Ukraine is a country that works for export and it’s great to do any business selling not only goods, but services abroad (IT services, call center, education export and so on).

These are far from all the advantages of doing business in Ukraine.

If you have protection in the form of our lawyer company, then you can make money quickly if you follow the developed strategy and business model.


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