The second wave of mobilization is underway in Ukraine: who is subject to conscription?

According to Roman Gorbach, head of the personnel department of the headquarters of the Command of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the second wave of mobilization of those liable for visas has already begun in Ukraine.


The main criterion is persons who served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine or have combat experience, incl. under contract, by 2014.


The mobilization of the first wave of reservists has already been completed: all citizens fit for military service are performing tasks for the defense of Ukraine. Therefore, reservists of the second wave can mobilize.


However, most military commissariats are still trying to mobilize and distribute volunteers among military units, the number of which continues to be significant.


During the call, in fact:

– clarification of data;

– passing medical examinations;

– verification of fitness for service and the existence of circumstances precluding participation.


That is, the appearance of a summons and a call to the military registration and enlistment office does not mean sending a person to a battle line.

Moreover, only citizens who:

– served until 2014 and

– have work experience.


For those who did not serve or have another specialty, they can be mobilized for training in the centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Training of rank and file and non-commissioned officers in training centers will be carried out on a reduced basis and will be from 7 to 20 days (depending on the complexity of the specialty).


Persons who were sent to the front line without the skills to use weapons and training can contact the hotline with a notification about this:





In this case, the full name of the mobilized person and

the number of the military unit to which they were sent.


Mobilization of migrants

The place of residence of citizens for mobilization does not matter. Mobilization by regions is not fixed by law, therefore it is determined by mobilization plans.


Persons liable for military service, regardless of gender, in the event of a change of place of residence, including due to hostilities in the territory of residence, must be registered with the military at their location. Accordingly, internally displaced persons or other persons who have not received IDP status and are subject to mobilization may be sent for training or to military units.


At the same time, conscripts are not called up during mobilization. Also, there is no dismissal from military service.

At the same time, conscripts are not sent to fight on the front line, but are assigned tasks in the rear. They can be involved in the defense if hostilities begin in the corresponding peaceful territories.


Also, Mr. Gorbach said that persons serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can transfer from one type of defense forces to another according to the decisions of the heads of units.


Women’s mobilization

Women liable for military service may be drafted into military units for military service.


This applies primarily to specialists in the following industries:

– medicine,

– communications, computer technology, radio electronics,

– drivers of autotractor (caterpillar) vehicles,

– divers,

– mechanics and assemblers of aircraft machines,

– cartography, topogeodesy, photogrammetry, aerial photographic services, polygraphy, film and radio mechanics,

– Food Industry,

– financial and economic activity.


The queues that are available for conscription to the territorial centers for the acquisition of social support are in fact quite conditional and in most cases the conscription is carried out regardless of any queues. The actions of the military registration and enlistment offices depend on their compliance with plans to call up citizens in a particular territory.


Recall that the general mobilization in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022 – from the day when Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


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