The Electronic Queue service

Three more units have been connected to the Electronic Queue service, which provide services for foreigners and stateless persons – at the Main Directorates of the State Migration Service in Lviv (3, Rudanskiy St.), Odesa (Odessa, Preobrazhenska St. , 44) and Kharkiv (Kharkiv, Rymarskaya, 24) oblasts.

From now on, foreigners and stateless persons who wish to apply for documents in these units can pre-register electronically by selecting the convenient time and date of receipt of the service – this can be done through our online service or through the terminal installed directly in the unit.

In addition, it is possible to register electronically “today-for-today”, it is also done through the terminal.

It should be reminded that the electronic queue for foreigners also works in the units of the Central Interregional Directorate of the State Migration Service in the city of Kiev and Kyiv region (4a Berezniakivskaya St., 10 Bogdan Khmelnitskogo St., 11 and Petropavlovskaya St. 11) and in Kyiv regional department of LCA in Poltava region (Poltava city, Shkilny lane, 6).

Other units of the State Migration Service, which provide services to foreigners and stateless persons, will gradually be connected to the service.


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