Target mobilization in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government fine-tuned the work of the unified state system of civil protection during the war. Before the full-scale Russian aggression, it served to prevent and eliminate emergencies, but recently the Cabinet of Ministers expanded the concept of the so-called targeted mobilization. This was made possible thanks to a law passed back in March.

It took the Verkhovna Rada two days for bill No. 7144, which simplifies the restoration work to eliminate the consequences of Russian armed aggression, to go from registration to consideration in the session hall. On Wednesday, March 16, 345 people’s deputies voted for him. The initiative first of all expands the list of the main tasks of the unified state system of civil protection (USCS) with a provision on targeted mobilization.

The legislation notes that organizational, financial, legal and other measures are carried out on the basis of a plan for targeted mobilization approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. And its volumes and terms should be determined by the decree of the President of Ukraine. However, there are no such normative legal acts in the legislative field.

Given this, it is possible to speak about any procedure or conditions for conducting targeted mobilization only in general. Iveruk notes that information has spread in the Ukrainian information space that since targeted mobilization takes place during the recovery period, it will begin after the end of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine and the end of the state of war.

With targeted mobilization, the government and local governments will determine the amount of work needed, the amount of financial, human and material resources for the full elimination of the consequences of the war. At the same time, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine will determine the need for financial and material and technical resources of civil protection bodies and divisions.

And in the case of targeted mobilization, the State Emergency Service will submit relevant proposals to the Ministry of Economy. It will already apply to the government, which will determine the plan, scope and timing, as well as the procedure for notifying Ukrainian citizens about targeted mobilization.

At the same time, first of all, civil protection forces will be involved to eliminate the consequences, with assistance from emergency rescue services, fire and rescue units and other units. But if it will be necessary to attract additional resources for restoration, then the civil protection forces will be understaffed by the able-bodied population.

However, this happens only on a voluntary basis. Therefore, for now, the news about the start of targeted mobilization can be safely called fake and expect victory. Because only after that they may become truthful.

The regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers on the Unified State Civil Defense Service describes in detail which bodies are responsible for which subsystems of civil protection. For example, the Ministry of Culture – for the elimination of consequences at cultural facilities, and the Ministry of Justice – in prisons and pre-trial detention centers. But in order for them to start working, the government must decide on the timing and amount of assistance. And for this, Ukraine needs to wait for victory in this war.

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