Residence permit in a new card

According to the new Rules established by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 322, the residence permit (hereinafter referred to as the Type) is a document certifying the identity of an alien or stateless person and confirms the legal grounds for temporary residence in Ukraine.

From October 2018, the View is manufactured in the form of a card containing a contactless electronic carrier.
The type is issued to foreigners or stateless persons who are legally temporarily in Ukraine and who:

1) have reached the age of 16 or under the age of 16, but independently arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of training, based on the application forms submitted by them personally;

2) have not reached the age of 16 or are recognized as partially capable or incapable, on the basis of applications-forms of persons to whom they came for the purpose of family reunification. View is issued for a period of one year, except in some cases.

So, to Foreigners who, in accordance with the law, arrived in Ukraine for employment, the type is issued for the period of work in Ukraine, which is noted in the permit to use labor.

For foreigners who have arrived in Ukraine to participate in the implementation of international technical assistance projects registered in the prescribed manner, the form is issued for the duration of the international technical assistance project, noted in the project registration card.

Foreigners and stateless persons who are founders and / or participants and / or beneficial owners (controllers) of a legal entity registered in Ukraine are granted for two years.

For foreigners and stateless persons who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of study, the type is issued for the period of study, which is determined by the order of the educational institution on the establishment of periods of study for foreign students.

7 comments on “Residence permit in a new card

  1. Super. If any student who have temporary residence long time Till September. Can he Change his posvidka to new marraige base. He got student posvidka smart card. Without going back to home country?

    1. Yes, I recently did this. Usually the migration service is now refusing to exchange a student for marriage. But I can only do in Kiev. The price will be for support in the migration service and propiska.

  2. Hello. I wanted to change my Ukrainian driver’s license in Brussels, but I was asked for a residence certificate, as I lived in Ukraine for 185 days. considering the situation there with the war, how do you think I could have this sheet specifying the residency? Thanks !!! 

    1. Which sheet are you talking about? If you do not have a residence permit in Ukraine, then you can only get one in Ukraine and only a new one. But as a lawyer, I can make a request and get information about whether you had a residence permit in Ukraine. Email me:

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