New rules for obtaining a residence permit

From June 2018 in Ukraine, new rules for the design and renewal of residence permits are being introduced.
From now on, in order to apply for a residence permit in the State Migration Service department it will be necessary to collect a package of documents in advance. The minimum term established for the appeal is 15 working days before the end of the period of stay in Ukraine.
That is, when calculating the specified fifteen-day period, it is necessary to take into account weekends Saturday and Sunday. That is, the actual documents now need to submit no less than about 22 days before the end of the period of stay.
Foreigners who have a visa regime to enter Ukraine, in case of missing the deadline, need to go back to their country of residence and get a visa there D. Only after that they can apply for a residence permit.
The same foreigners who can enter Ukraine without a visa should leave and wait about 4 months, then to enter the country. In another case, they will not be able to file documents.
At the same time, the SMS staff do not accept documents for the extension of the period of stay, as was possible earlier. However, our lawyers know the possibility of solving this problem, because situations can be different and a valid reason can be crucial in this situation.

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