Military accounting women : departure women abroad

No restrictions on the departure of Ukrainian women abroad due to martial law.

Details: Because of the possibility of introducing mandatory military registration for women in certain specialties, there were many speculations about the ban on leaving Ukraine for women conscripted into the military. The Ministry of Defense postponed the military registration for women for a year . DPSU explains to “Ukrainian Pravda” that currently there are no obstacles for Ukrainian women to go abroad.

The basis for the ban on leaving the country can only be a relevant court decision or a decision of other authorized state bodies on the ban on leaving the country.

Direct speech: “There was a lot of information in the public sphere about possible restrictions on the departure of women due to their inclusion in the military register. They even mentioned specific dates, in particular, October 1.

I note that these are only rumors and assumptions. In this case, we are talking more about the approval of the list of professions, which obliges women to register for the military. Such accounts were active before. I would like to note that since the beginning of the full-scale war and now, the issue of restricting the departure of women has not been considered or raised.

At the same time, I will add that the restrictions on departure due to martial law remain practically the same as they were before. They apply to Ukrainian men aged 18-60, with the exception of certain defined categories. The latest changes concern only the possibility of departure for seafarers. Such a new category was determined by the government and the decision came into force on September 6.”

Details: Regarding the restrictions on men, Demchenko said that the border guards daily deny passage across the border to about 200 persons subject to the restrictions.

At the same time, men who are subject to conscription due to their age at the time of mobilization caused a significant increase in attempts to cross the border illegally, adds the spokesperson of the DPSU.

In particular, since February 24, law enforcement officers discovered more than 2,800 citizens who tried to leave Ukraine using forged documents, and 5,600 violators were detained for attempting to cross the state border outside checkpoints.

According to the spokesman of the State Border Service , quite often the actions taken by conscripts, in addition to administrative responsibility, are subject to criminal punishment.

The most frequent of them are evading the draft, forging documents or trying to bribe border guards. Criminal liability is also provided for the organizers and accomplices of illegal smuggling of persons across the state border.

Regarding the total passenger flow across the border, Demchenko noted that it has decreased over the past three days and remains at the level of 90,000 people per day.

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