Immigration of business and goods

After opening the “window to Europe” within the framework of the Free Trade Agreement, Ukrainian producers are entering new markets. Though they are more demanding, the management of the exporting companies is mastering them: this year the share of exports to the European Union was 43%. In addition, according to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, a year and a half after the introduction of the Free Trade Zone, Ukraine began supplying 39 new product groups to the EU.

However, domestic production worked for the US and the EU before the ratification of the trade agreement. In Poland and Germany, Ukraine supplies parts for cars, electric wires and furniture, with imported accessories we collect household appliances, and 80% of light industry companies sew clothes and shoes to order for leading world brands. Made in Ukraine, products are sold at store shelves under the brands of other countries.

Today is the time to create production in Ukraine and create your own brand and go with it to the world market.
High-tech products with high added value are produced under their own brand and exported from Ukraine.

A country in the center of Europe, where it’s currently cheaper to produce a product than China, is a proto-paradise for an aidescier.

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