How to control the work of internally displaced persons?

On the cob of a full-scale war on leather, another Ukrainian either spends a job, or does not take wages on that equal, which is up to the 24th fierce. According to the data of the International Organization for Migration, more than 7 million internally displaced persons are transferred at the same time at the borders of Ukraine. Over 70% of them knew prischis in small places and rural areas.

It is a tribute to the recruitment portal, the most demanded by professionals in the field of sales and IT-specialists. Take care to drink from the gallery, transport and logistics, from the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Also, you need a variety of laborers, and here you can talk about seasonal workers in the agricultural state, especially if you have a harvest of fruit and vegetable products.

Vitrat compensation is expected at the rozmіrі 6500 hryvnya for a skin care person , for a robotic provider a single deposit is paid for the foreign state social insurance, for the period of the military hour it lasts 30 calendar days after the last day of the day. The total triviality of compensation for vitrate cannot be overdue for two months from the day of HPE training.

In the Lviv region, where a lot of Ukrainians hovered, camped on 06/03/2022. 202 workers have already submitted documents to the Lviv Regional Employment Service for the reimbursement of labor costs for labor costs 399 cases, which are officially recognized by internal displacement.

The Lvіvskіy OVA reminds that Lviv region has already been financed for the sum of 559.0 ths. UAH

Wash your compensation for a robotic worker:

  • the robot-seller is rebuying as a payer of a single contribution to the foreign state social insurance;
  • rozmіr zarobіtnoї pay pratsіvnik for povnіst vykonanu monthly (annual) rate of pracі can not be lower for rozmіr mіnimіmalnoї ї zarobіnії ї, established by law;
  • filing in accordance with the procedure established by law tax rate for the 4th quarter of 2021. labor productivity for 2021

The first option is the practice of madness.

The legislation of Ukraine does not hinder labor at once on business enterprises, establishments and organizations (at the same time, such a rule does not expand on the category of professions, de clearing the labor market for work for a purse). With whom, it is not necessary to work from the front of the job.

Tsej sposіb podhodit tim VPO, yakі nadalі prodovzhuyut pratsyuvati vddaleno behind the front mіsce work .

The other one is an outburst from the front of the work.

Vіn є optimal for quiet VPO, as soon as the next hour you do not plan to turn around to your next place of residence. Vodnochas the order zvіlnennya znovu Well, you can still vary.

So, in one of three ways, you can see the “classic order” of the call on the basis of paragraph 1 of Art. 36, art. 38, art. 39 KZpP of Ukraine. At this time of the war, I will become the legislator of transferring the specifics of the opening of the employment contract with the initiative of the worker. According to the rule of thumb, the practitioner may have the right to revise the labor agreement, laying down on non-significant lines, ahead of the clerk’s order, or the authority of the letter for two tyzhn. Vodnochas provisions of Art. 4 The Law of Ukraine “On the organization of labor permits in the minds of the military camp” is allowed to open a labor agreement at the lines, instructions from the application of the worker. Prote for whom the presence of such minds is necessary:

  • conducting combat operations in areas where there is a roztashovane, establishment, organization, that threat to life and health of the worker;
  • The work behind the labor contract is not stunned by primus workers to suspіlno korisnyh robіt in the minds of the military camp, but luchennym to vikonannya robіt on the objects of critical infrastructure.

At one time, you can create a situation, if a person cannot, for obvious reasons, be able to turn around without intermediary until a robot, a zocrema, like a wine is rebuying on a timely paid-off territory, for attaching an employment contract on the basis of paragraph 1 of Art. 36, art. 38, art. 39 KZpP of Ukraine. This type of behavior is allowed to be called unilaterally attached to labor permits in accordance with the procedure established by the Law of Ukraine “On ensuring the rights and freedoms of internal movement of workers”.

Until 05/07/2022 at the new one, having filed a super-efficient mechanism, for such a VPO, it is small to file a notarized application for a letter at the address of the robot. However, there was a need for additional vitrates for filing an application with a notary. In addition, the robot provider physically could not take such a sheet through occupation or combat.

From 05/07/2022 having typed the rank Law of Ukraine No. 2220-IX dated 04/21/2022, which means the mechanism has been significantly simplified and improved. Now the HPE can apply for a job offer to the employment center for the actual living space. The employment contract is to be attached to the next day after the submission of such an application, and the HPE takes away the status of unemployed and will help with unemployment.

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