How to arrange permanent care for an elderly person and what documents are required for care?

What documents are required to appoint a guardian for an elderly person?

  • notification of state, public organizations or statement of a citizen (citizens);
  • a copy of the birth certificate of the person in need of guardianship or another document confirming his age (copy of passport);
  • a court decision to recognize this person as incapacitated; an act of surveying the living conditions of a person in need of care and a description of his property; health certificates of the person in need of care (if he previously lived separately) and the future guardian (guardian);
  • a certificate of the place of residence of the future guardian and his statement on assuming guardianship responsibilities;
  • an act of checking the living conditions of the future guardian and a conclusion from guardianship and guardianship authorities at the guardian’s place of residence about the possibility of performing guardianship duties;
  • a certificate from a medical institution on the absence in the family of the future guardian (guardian) of diseases that prevent the placement of a person in need of care.

How to arrange permanent care for an elderly person?

The registration procedure is quite simple, because there is no need to recognize a person with limited legal capacity or incapacity in a court of law. This requires, in particular, an application from the pensioner, in which there is a request for the appointment of a guardian for her/him.

The following must be added to such a statement:

  • copies of passports;
  • certificates of residence registration, as well as documents confirming ownership of property or the right to use property;
  • a certificate from a medical commission confirming the need to care for an elderly person, as well as a certificate about the state of health of the person who wishes to provide care;
  • you can additionally provide a description from the educational institution or from the place of work.

The application, together with the list of documents above, must be submitted to the authorized social protection body.

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