Govement Registrars have resumed their work in Ukraine

On March 21, 2022, the Department of Justice released the news that they are resuming registration activities, but not all.


In the conditions of martial law, taking into account the need to ensure the reliability of the information of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individuals – Entrepreneurs and Public Formations, the Ministry of Justice implemented the possibility of carrying out the most urgent registration actions, namely state registration:

 creation of charitable organizations and public formations and changes to information about them;

 change of the head of the legal entity in connection with his death;

 change of location of a legal entity;

 public authorities, local self-government bodies, state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, communal enterprises, communal organizations (institutions, institutions), state organizations (institutions, institutions), as well as joint-stock companies that are banks;

 changes in the types of economic activities of individuals – entrepreneurs;

 termination of entrepreneurial activity of a natural person – entrepreneur.

Also announced the possibility of providing documents to the registrar using e-mail. Extraterritoriality operates throughout Ukraine, which means that even registration actions that relate to a legal entity that is registered in Kyiv, you can carry out, for example, in Lviv.

Also a few important changes:

o at the moment, registration actions are carried out exclusively by state registrars;

o the requirements of the law regarding the need for notarization of the authenticity of a signature on a document for state registration do not apply if such a signature is made in the presence of a state registrar, an official with the identification of the signatory’s face on the basis of an identity document;

o The Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individuals and Public Formations is still unavailable for use;

o the requirements of the legislation on the mandatory use of information from registers, automated information systems for state registration, does not apply if such registers are temporarily unavailable. Electronic copies of documents (messages) of technical administrators of registries (systems) or state bodies confirming the absence of such access, and in their absence, screen copies of web pages of inaccessible registries (systems) are uploaded to the registry;

o also if you have submitted documents for registration, and your registration action is not included in the list of urgent registration actions, in this case, consideration of your documents is currently suspended.


You can get more detailed information by contacting the subjects of administrative services:

🔹South-West Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice

Uzhgorod tel. (0312) 63-03-67, (0312) 63-03-82

Ivano-Frankivsk tel. (0342) 55-23-36, (0342) 55-25-53

Chernivtsi tel. (0372) 58-52-19

Ternopil tel. (0352) 25-26-24

🔹 Southern Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice / Odessa/

Odessa tel. (098) 968-72-41, (067) 108-96-26

🔹 Central-Western Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice

Zhytomyr tel. (093) 480-46-47

Khmelnitsky tel. (0382) 65-87-01, (0382) 70-42-95

Vinnitsa tel. (068) 864-82-69, (097) 721-14-07

🔹 Western Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice – Lviv

Lviv tel. (032) 261-23-62, (097) 471-85-20, (097) 981-91-98

Rivne tel. (0362) 64-26-02, (0362) 64-27-06

Lutsk tel. (0332) 78-46-69

🔹 North-Eastern interregional department of the Ministry of Justice / Sumy/

Poltava tel. (066) 557-82-98

🔹 South-Eastern Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice of the city of Dnipro

Kropyvnytskyi tel. (0522) 35-66-45

Dnipro tel. (056) 713-46-90

🔹 Central Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice

Cherkasy tel. (050) 825-42-87

🔹Ternopil City Council

(067) 447-33-94

🔹 Odessa City Council

(048) 705-63-40

🔹 Lviv City Council

(0322) 62-11-12, (0322) 62-11-13, (0322) 55-62-02

The Ministry of Justice continues to work on expanding the range of subjects of state registration and types of administrative services provided on the territory of Ukraine, where there are no hostilities.

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