Foreigners were allowed to become e-residents of Ukraine. How does it work?

The Verkhovna Rada approved draft law 5270, which allows foreigners to acquire the status of e-residents of Ukraine and open their business online without a physical presence, the Ministry of Digital Transformation reports.

A foreign citizen can submit an online application for electronic residency status. Next, you need to go through verification, identification at the consular institution, get an RNOKPP (registration number of the taxpayer’s registration card) and an electronic signature.

After that, the e-resident can open a bank account in one bank of his choice – this bank will be his tax agent. The entrepreneur is registered as a sole proprietorship, paying a tax of 5%.

Currently, the Ministry of Digital Affairs is developing a web version and a mobile application using digital signature cloud technologies for e-residents.

In 2014, Estonia became the first country in the world to implement e-residency. During this period, the country attracted approximately 95,000 e-residents, who paid more than 100 million euros in taxes to the budget.

In Ukraine, you can get e-resident status for free, unlike in Estonia, where the application costs 100 euros.

The program is available for five types of economic activity: publication of computer games, publication of other software, computer programming, other activities in the field of IT and computer systems and data processing, posting of information on websites and related to them activity.

The document flow of the e-resident must be duplicated in the Ukrainian language.

The law provides for e-residents the opportunity to:

  • Carry out entrepreneurial activity (FOP)
  • Pay 5% of income
  • Remotely open and manage bank accounts
  • Use state-of-the-art tools for online business management using a laptop or smartphone
  • Sign documents with an electronic signature “Ukraine has been waging a full-scale war for the 7th month.

In order for the Armed Forces to win new victories at the front, it is important to support the economy and provide our military with everything necessary. The launch of the e-residency project will help supplement our budget. After all, foreigners will be able to register a business in Ukraine in a few clicks, develop it remotely and pay taxes here. In addition, this is another step towards the development of a strong IT brand of Ukraine in the world. Even in the conditions of a full-scale war, we continue to work on revolutionary projects and build a digital state,” noted Mykhailo Fedorov.

To open a business in Ukraine, a foreigner must: submit an application on a web portal or in a mobile application to verify and obtain the status of an e-resident, undergo identification at a foreign diplomatic institution in the host country, obtain an RNOCPP and Diya.Pinpis, register through the mobile application as a FOP 3rd group, open an account in a Ukrainian bank, conduct business activities.

Currently, Ministry of Digital experts are working on the technical base of the project — they are developing a web version and a mobile application using digital signature cloud technologies. Such modern and effective tools for e-residents will allow you to register an entrepreneur, open a bank account in a few clicks — quickly and conveniently, through a browser or smartphone, without papers and complex bureaucratic procedures.

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