Dating service in Ukraine

Now there are a lot of dating sites that are very popular among foreigners and the United States of Canada, European Union countries and Australia.

On these sites, Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian women allegedly communicate with these foreigners in chat rooms, in correspondence via e-mail, and also sends them videos and receive gifts.

You can see for yourself that these sites are really very popular by checking them through similarweb.

They give advertising and the sole purpose of these sites is to make money for communication between you and the employees of these companies.

Moreover, the employees of these companies. They are not girls or women at all.

You can spend 1000 dollars aphids 5000 dollars on such a correspondence and rodos for these guys. There are some Americans who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on conversations in chat rooms, correspondence with ettas allegedly by girls.

In fact, you correspond with guys with men by foreigners who live in Ukraine and earn only those who write you all kinds of love letters.

Just think that you confess your love and want to enter into an intimate relationship and ask for love from some guy who came from Nigeria or from Somalia and is sitting at night in some office in Kiev or Odessa and just before these letters are smiling at you and just getting for that money.

These guys really earn from 1000 to 2000 dollars a month. For each letter they have their own dollar or cent.

But those sites that use these slaves, they earn much more. It is about millions of dollars a month.

This is really a millionth business that deals with fake.

Simply put, this is a fraud, and if you yourself voluntarily give money for communication in these hours, then you should understand that you are talking to some guy for money.

They make very cleverly furnishes everything as if you really communicate with a girl.

They pretend to be girls, sexually beautiful women, and of course they are in collusion with these women who don’t want to get married and the task gets their money for photos for videos for their data.

As a lawyer, I can say that this is really a fraud and this is an organized criminal group that, by breach of trust, takes possession of your money.

If you have received this information and will continue to search for women on such large dating sites, then you should perfectly understand that you are a victim of a crime, but it will be very difficult to prove and repair the damage caused.

Because all this is practically impossible to prove through the police and the court.

Therefore, if you just want to waste your time talking with some black men from Nigeria and confess your love to them, posing yourself as a fool, that’s your business.

She is if you really want to marry a good Ukrainian, then you better think about how you can check this person how you can really contact her and personally communicate.

You can use the services of lawyers and detectives to check specific people as well as to check specific sites for decency.

The easiest way, of course, is to come to Ukraine and on the spot here to already meet with your candidates to talk in person with a translator and understand that they are deceiving you or not.

Well, you should understand that in fact, even these scammers, they can arrange a meeting with these girls, who will also try to take you to some restaurant, Where you pay money for a drink, I’ll pick you up, chat, but the result of this communication is not there will be a marriage, they act also, with only one purpose – to receive money and gifts from you.

Marriage will not be.

Check your partners and do not fall for fraudulent schemes.

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