Compensation to Ukrainians for certain categories of real estate damaged or destroyed during the war

Compensation to Ukrainians of certain categories of real estate damaged or destroyed during the war


Since the beginning of April, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted as a basis a bill on compensation for damage and destruction of certain categories of real estate as a result of hostilities, terrorist acts, sabotage caused by the armed aggression of the Russian Federation


This Law was developed in order to compensate for losses in monetary terms for property that was damaged during the fighting. Also, this Law provided for a certain collection of information for filing future lawsuits against the aggressor country.


Who can receive this compensation:


  • homeowners;


  • investors who have not put the building into operation;


  • members of cooperatives who have not formalized the ownership of the property;


  • as well as the heirs of these categories.


Also, the issue of compensation to owners of non-residential real estate, for example, cars and compensation to legal entities, remains open, because there is no information about these two issues yet. It is true that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law on the abolition of all payments except for the pension fee for the imported car, but finances are also needed to purchase a vehicle. We look forward to clarification of these two issues.


According to the draft Law, the following ways of providing compensation are provided:


  1. monetary compensation to a special bank account if the property is damaged;
  2. financing of new construction if the real estate object is destroyed. At the same time, the maximum amount of this type of compensation is no more than the cost of 150 m2 for one real estate object. You can also get residential real estate of a higher value, but in this case you will have to pay the difference between your property and the one you want to receive;
  3. financing the restoration of damaged common property of an apartment building (ie landings, elevator shafts, utility and technical rooms, etc.).


Claims for compensation for damage or loss of property can be submitted through the Action app using the Damaged Property service. Also, approximately from mid-April, it will be possible to submit applications in writing – through TsNAPs, social protection authorities or notaries.

We always advise not to delay the submission of documents, and in this case we are of the same opinion. The sooner you file damages, the sooner your case can be dealt with and the sooner you can receive compensation.


What are the lines for filing for compensation?

The deadline for filing is valid during martial law and for 90 calendar days from the date of its end in the territory where the damaged or destroyed housing is (was) located. As of 04/12/2022, the submission lines for loss compensation are up to 07/24/2022. There is a high probability that this line can be extended.


Applications will be considered by a specially created Commission for the Consideration of Compensation Issues.


In each locality, a separate queue will be created to receive the appropriate compensation.


Whose applications will be considered the fastest?


Disability groups I and II, the participants in the hostilities will be able to receive compensation faster than other groups of the population.



Who is funding this program?

Funds for this program were allocated by the partners of Ukraine, and a background was formed for the restoration of property and the destroyed infrastructure of Ukraine in connection with the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, and of course, international assistance from states will also help to implement this program.


The Fund for the Restoration of Property and Destroyed Infrastructure has already been launched in Ukraine.

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