Algorithm for crossing the cordon for students under the hour of war


At the link with the introduction of the military camp in Ukraine, for the period of such a legal regime, it was fenced over the cordon of people from 18 to 60 years.


Prote, Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine “On Mobilization Training and Mobilization” appoints a group of osib, if they do not apply to the call and may have the right to a top line in the call to the military service during the hour of mobilization. Among such, zokrema, there are about students, graduate students and doctoral students, as they are being trained in the current form of education.


At its official roz’snennnі shdo vinyatkіv z zaboroni viїzdu for the cordon of Ukraine in the minds of the military camp of the Sovereign cordon service of Ukraine also asks itself for the qiu statue. Although the DPSU does not override all the vipadki, it also designates that the right to visit a person from 18 to 60 may be due to the presence of a witness about the line.

What is needed?

  1. Ask the dean’s office of your ZVO to get a confirmation about the training. The dean’s office can send її to e-mail remotely, and you can send it.
  2. On the basis of p. 1, otrimati dovіdku at the Territorial center of staffing and social support (“vіyskkomati”), I saw vіdpovіdno until vymog h.2, par. 2 articles 23 of the Law of Ukraine “On mobilization training and mobilization”, it is recognized that a student may have the right to a promotion to a military service for the hour of mobilization for health education. Dovіdka maє buti obov’yazkovo with a proper rank signed by the head of the official of the Vidpovidny Territorial Center and sealed with a signet.

For the withdrawal, it is necessary to contact the Territorial Center for financial aid (so be it), and then write an application for the withdrawal of the final statement about the line.

Presentation of a certificate of completion for a call to the military service for the hour of mobilization and competence and obov’yazkom Territorial centers for recruitment and social support.

A certificate (advice) may be seen on the basis of stats 23 of the Law of Ukraine “On mobilization training and mobilization” for the student’s confirmation of the training on the day form at the ZVO. Such a document is submitted for entry outside the cordon for an hour and a half of the fence, it is clear until the clarification of the DPSU and Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine “On mobilization training and mobilization”.


  1. Destatisya cordon and drag yoga on p_dstav_ dov_dki about vіdstrochku. You can pick up the proof from the cordon point.

Useful information

1) Transcarpathian prikordonniks (joden) do not let students in through internal orders. The best chance to cross the cordon without problems – Chernivtsi region, cordon from Romania / cordon from Moldova

2) If you don’t see a final check at the military commissariat, go to another military commissariat. Spechatis – senseless.

If you are not allowed to enter the cordon with a permit – go to another checkpoint and check for other cordoners (another change).

3) The students, who in this way have already crossed the cordon, to please everyone who tells you to become a military officer and pass a medical examination at another military committee.

Explain that you don’t get caught up in transit there for a long time.

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