Who we are

We are immigration lawyers in Ukraine with 15 years of experience. We help with invitations, obtaining visa, border crossing, temporary residence permits, permanent residence, citizenship of Ukraine. We register foreign business in Ukraine. We protect foreigners in commercial, administrative, criminal cases in courts and law enforcement agencies.


We send you invitation to Ukraine for business or tourism, personal, for study, family reunion, religion, volunteer.


We help to apply for a visa of type "C" and "D" to Ukraine. Depending on the grounds you have.


Professional consultants will meet you at the airport and ensure the passage of the border.


Preparation and submission of documents for a temporary or permanent residence permit to Migration Service.


We select housing and draw up a contract for the use of them. Registration in real estate.


After the expiration of a certain period and depending on the grounds to obtain citizenship of Ukraine.

Our skills

We can be sure that all documents will be executed correctly and legally.

The best way of immigration through: investment, busness, marriage and job.

Chances of immigration:

Business 80%
Marriage 70%
Work 50%
Study 80%

Meet the team

Liudmila Sokolovska

junior lawyer

Yevgeniia Yevsiutina


Ahmer Khan

junior lawyer




Temporary residence permits


Permanent residence permits




My name Irina. The lawyers of Evsutins helped us quickly get married. After that, they were able to submit documents for the replacement of a residence permit from the grounds for study to the grounds for marriage. This is just a miracle, because. that we ourselves were denied the migration service. They are really excellent lawyers and know the law better than state migration service workers. Now my husband should not return to Pakistan and get a visa again, and in 3 years he will be able to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. My husband came to Ukraine from Pakistan. Entered the University. But then we decided to arrange the marriage. I'm just so grateful to them. Thank. I recommend to everyone.

I am from Nigeria. This company helped me arrange all the documents back in 2009, when I first arrived. Then I graduated from university. The lawyers of Evsutin helped me quickly get married and get a permanent residence permit. These lawyers help me to do business in Ukraine. I like to live in Ukraine. Foreigners with good English can work here and earn good money. The main thing to be here is legal. And when I get Ukrainian citizenship, I can travel to EU countries without a visa. And here we must have a good and trusted lawyer who will not deceive, this is very important. I recommend adovocate Alex Evsutin.

Client satisfaction

Thanks for the feedback. We are happy to help people and make them happier.

We believe that freedom is the highest value for any person, regardless of their nationality and race.

Contact us and follow our recommendations and you will be able to realize all your plans legally and as quickly as possible.

Assistance in the State Migration Service of Ukraine

The founders of the company are successful specialists in Ukraine who have more than 20 years of experience.

Helping foreigners and foreign businessmen in Ukraine, protecting their interests in international law is a matter of our life.